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Flower Basket

Color the Square

Cathedral Square Friends is working to add color to the square through the addition of hanging flower baskets and flower plantings. We hope to have enough funds in place for up to 48 hanging flower baskets to be installed by the summer of 2018.
16.60% Raised
$5,810 donated of $35,000 goal
7 Donors
43 Days Left

Sponsorship Levels

  • Premier Sponsor ($1,800). Fund two hanging baskets for two years. Donations at this level will receive recognition in Cathedral Square and on the website.
  • Supporting Sponsor ($500). Water and maintenance of two baskets for a year. Donations at this level will receive recognition on the website.
  • Contributing Sponsor ($250). Water and maintenance of one basket for a year. Donations at this level will receive recognition on the website.
  • Sustaining Sponsor ($100). Donations at this level will receive recognition on the website.

Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

Why Donate? Because Great Public Spaces are Important

As a non-profit “Friends” group, our main objective is to help improve the overall quality of Cathedral Square, which is a significant location for several reasons. It’s the place where Solomon Juneau’s settlement began. It’s surrounded by and used by numerous local residents and businesses. It’s a place where our community comes together. Regardless of your personal connection, you want to have pride in your local area and enjoy relaxing in a more beautiful public space.

Great public spaces feel cared for, with attention and detail. For example, Milwaukee’s Riverwalk along Pere Marquette Park looks cared for due to the help of planted flower baskets along the water’s edge. Also, around the perimeters of private properties such as the Pfister hotel, you’ll find attractive flower baskets and other elements which help to make it a special place. Both are great local examples that help to define their identity and create a sense of arrival.

This is a Small, but BIG First Step

Cathedral Square Friends is interested in a short term project to get things going. A common location to add flowers to a local environment is to utilize hanging baskets from street light poles. This decorative addition to a light pole allows the existing infrastructure to be the support mechanism to hang flower baskets. Placement in the location has a high visual impact, as they can be seen from a distance, as well as be out of reach from potential trouble makers. Generally, the street light poles that you want to draw attention to are the pedestrian scaled Milwaukee Harp lamp light fixtures. In Cathedral Square, there are 8 poles of this type within the square, and 16 locations surrounding the perimeter at the typical street edge placement (24 poles total). For visual balance the normal arrangement is for 2 baskets to be hung from a projecting rod and bracket mounted on each side of a pole, approximately 10 feet above the ground.

Your donation will assist us in taking this first step.

The Campaign

Any funds raised in excess of the goal will be used for future years of watering and maintenance of the flower baskets.

If enough funds for 48 baskets isn’t obtained before the end of campaign the plan is to move forward with a smaller number of baskets based on the amount of funds raised.